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Ranbaxy Laboratories have launched Caverta tablets to assist men in treating their erection problem. This tablet has been produced by using Sildenafil citrate. This pill helps men in getting the proper erection when their body is sexually aroused. This FDA approved ED medicine plays a vital role as a PDE 5 inhibitor like world class Kamagra and Viagra pills.


Mechanism of Caverta Tablets

100 mg Caverta medicine contains sildenafil citrate as a main substance which surely provides erection within 30 minutes of intake. This ingredient allows men to have an ideal erection because of its execution as PDE 5 inhibitor to block PDE 5 enzymes in the body. PDE 5 is liable for erection problem while cyclic GMP helps in delivering harder and thicker medication. Thus, this drug helps in blocking PDE 5 and prevents cGMP.

After consumption, it relaxes and widens the bloodstreams and flow of blood so that more blood can be carried to the genital area to provide thicker and harder penile erection. It lasts in the body for 4-6 hours.

Dosage: Take Caverta with the consultation with physician for safe treatment. As it takes 30 minutes to supply its effectiveness hence it must be taken 30 minutes before your sexual activity planning. If taking without consultation of physician then starts with lower dosage. A pill has been prescribed in a day so that severe effects can be avoided. There should be 24 hours time gap for the next dosage. It is strictly recommended for men above 18 yrs age, teenagers and child are not allowed.

Storage: Keep it in cool place, and stay from sunlight, heat, moisture and the reach of kids.

Vital points to keep in mind while taking Cheap Caverta Tablets:

  • If you're allergic to Sildenafil then don't take it.
  • Find medical assistance for safe ED treatment
  • Avoid alcohol, fatty meals and other medicines
  • Old age men must seek medical care for the right dosage
  • Men with kidney, liver and heart problem must consult with their physician

Side Effects Of this ED pill

Some mild side effects can be experienced by men after using this pill in the initial days. Common side effects include dizziness, upset stomach, headache, nausea, blurred vision and hearing impairment etc. It lasts for few hours; if not, then take health care. In case of severe case, such as facial flushing, irregular heartbeats, itching, vision loss and permanent hearing loss, contact to doctor as soon as possible.

That is why; it is suggested to take this drug carefully under the guidance of physician as he is the only person to get right prescription for adequate dosage.

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